Ralph Wieskamp

Ralph Wieskamp

Director, Kemira Gdańsk

O prelegencie

Ralph was born and raised in the Netherlands but has been working and living abroad in several different countries for the last 19 years. His professional career started out in the SSC sector in Dublin, Ireland and he has continued to work in this sector for most of his professional career. While his own educational and professional background is mainly within Finance, Ralph has been leading SSC organizations in Finland and Poland, serving a variety of business functions including Supply Chain, IT and HR. On top of this, he has been leading remote teams globally including teams in South America and Africa. This experience has developed him in a seasoned leader able to work across cultures and bringing people of different backgrounds together.

Both in personal and professional life, Ralph is a strong believer and supporter of equal rights and an advocate of diversity in the workplace. His philosophy is that high performance cultures can only exists where teams are diverse, psychological safety exists, focus is on employees strengths and where hierarchical thinking is eliminated.